Cook It Quick!
Weight Watchers
192 pages
List Price: $15.95
My Price: $8.00

The Back Cover:
Got half hour or less? Then you can solve your dinnertime dilemma-quickly, healthfully, and deliciously!

In today's overworked world, busy people have less and less time to cook the healthy, enticing meals their families crave. But now, Weight Watchers Cook It Quick! takes some of the work out of your workday by supplying you with fabulous fis-it-fast ideas for all your evening meals. Based on teh FlexPoints Weight Loss System, Cook It Quick! is packed with more than 150 speedy, savory recipes, and also offers helpful hints for easy substitutions and tasty tips for making these recipes even faster and more mouth-watering.

Each exciting recipe includes complete nutrition information and POINTS value--an will never take you more than a half hour to cook! With so many fantastic 30-minutes-or-less recipes at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Just check out what's in store for you within these colorful, tempting pages.

The Yoga Face
By Annelise Hagen
212 pages
List Price: $14.95
My Price: $7.50

The Back Cover:
The Yoga Face is a fresh, anti-aging regimen you can do anytime and anywhere. Developed by yoga expert Annelise Hagen, the facial exercises in this program are based on a simple principle: the muscles in your face are no different from the muscles in the rest of your body. If you don't work the muscles below your neck, they become weak and flabby. The same process happens to your face with age. The Yoga Face tightens and tones your face--and fights wrinkles fast.

Boxing Fitness: A Guide to Get Fighting Fit
By Ian Oliver
160 pages
List Price: $16.95
My Price: $8.50

The Back Cover:
Whether you're serious about boxing or just serious about getting in shape this book will help. The same methods that build speed, stamina and power in the ring have just as much to offer the fitness enthusiast or the beginner. Ian Oliver's credentials are indisputable and his advice indispensable. Whether you're young or old, male or female, experienced fighter or enthusiastic amateur, Boxing Fitness will get you in the best shape of your life.

Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt
By Robert A. Armour
207 pages
List Price: $17.95
My Price: $9.00

The Back Cover:
Robert Armour's classic text, long cherished by a generation of readers, is now complemented with more than 50 new photographs by Egyptologist Edwin Brock and drawings by Elizabeth Rodenbeck that show the gods in their characteristic forms.

Armour maintains a strong narrative thread with illuminating commentary in his lively retelling of stories from Egyptian mythology, including those of the sun god Ra, the tragic tale of Isis and Osiris, the bulesque of Horus' battle with the evil Seth, and the "gods of the intellect" Thoth and Maat. Now with an updated bibliography and new appendics, this book is sure to inform and enchant a new generation of readers.

Elementary Algebra
7th Edition

By Charles P. McKeague
My Price: $60.00

The textbook comes with a Student's Solution Manual, a Student Guide, and a Digital Video Companion.

7th Edition
By Steven S. Zumdahl and Susan A. Zumdahl

The American Journey: A History Of The United States
3rd Edition
By David Goldfield, Carl Abbott, Virginia DeJohn Anderson, et al.
My Price: $40.00

The text book comes with two student study guides and a cd-rom containing over 300 documents.

Families and Society
By Scott Coltrane
My Price: $4.00

Back Cover:
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